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Diego Costa and Jose Mourinho get their own FIFA 16 chants

Diego Costa and Jose Mourinho are probably two of the most polarising players in world football but the pair have both been given unique FIFA 16 chants. 
One of the changes that EA Sports have made for the new game is to try and make the match experience as authentic as possible which is why there are more FIFA 16 chants.
These are chants designed to be unique to a club to make it feel like you are actually playing in front of their fans.
With the FIFA 16 demo already out some players have already been getting their first experiences of the new chants.
Diego Costa and Jordan Henderson squaring up in FIFA 16.
Diego Costa and Jordan Henderson squaring up in FIFA 16.
One YouTuber (Luke Freemantle) decided to upload a couple of short videos of the new chants for the Chelsea men and fans are sure to be happy to see them included.
For so long stadiums have been limited to just one or two chants but it is great to see EA now really focus on improving that area of the game.
For the most part gameplay changes will be minimal for now and as such it is important for EA to improve their game in other ways and the FIFA 16 chants are just one thing to do to help the overall experience.
The demo has been receiving some really positive reviews and it seems as if EA have responded well to the increased challenge from rivals Konami with their Pro Evolution Soccer games.
The full game is due for release on September 24th in the UK and Squawka will continue to cover the release of the new game.

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